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the 90s

REMEMBER THE 90s!? Beepers.  Tommy Hilfiger jeans.  The Macarena.  Beepers vibrating in Tommy Hilfiger jeans while doing the Macarena.  It feels like just yesterday we were turning off an episode of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air/Martin/Full House/Family Matters to check an AOL "You've Got Mail" alert.  Here at Hot Mom USA we are making sure that this era (and tempo range) never die.  We go to sleep to modem connection sounds and do Da Dip in Champion sweatshirts & Hammer pants.  We play Pogs & Super Mario 64.  So get your mushroom cut ready, crank up Pearl Jam & The Humpty Dance, and come along for the ride.  Big cell phones mandatory.

Release Date: 6.3.13 - MOM009