spooky vs. doctor jeep

code 9/ghost dance remixes

Spooky vs. Doctor Jeep. UK vs. USA. Legend vs. Legend. Andre vs. Andre. Yes, each artist in this epic bass brawl is named Andre. Hot Mom USA Presents: The Official Battle for Andre World Supremacy! Both artists have come correct, taking their Hot Mom Certified Classics "Code 9" and "Ghost Dance" through the VIP and remix treatment. This is a grime, bass, & funky smorgasbord (note: "smorgasbord" is Hot Mom's favorite word and activity). Spooky remixing Spooky. Spooky Remixing Jeep. Jeep Remixing Spooky. Jeep remixing Jeep. 
Who you got!?

Release Date: 4.6.15 - MOM015