strike ah pose

Be a Master! Dynamite! Powerbuilder! With Muscles! And Magic! Rx (bass alias of acclaimed house guru Alex Burkat) flexes for the photo with "Strike Ah Pose," a raucous booty banger tailor-made for you to get your selfie on. This 4x4 wild romper is backed by a 1996 dream team cast of remixers: Lucid gets crazy future with a neon remix photographed from Jupiter's drive through Space Arby's. Meanwhile, OG detroit hero Mr. De' opts for the dirty driving downward facing dog, guaranteed to make your next Instagram get mad likes. DJ Earl closes it out cool slouch style with a chilled footwork take on the original. Blue Steel. So throw on your Oakleys, slick back your mullet, and hop into your finest pair of yellow bell bottoms for Strike Ah Pose, kissy face not included.

Release Date: 2.3.14 - MOM013