mr. mitch

on the blob/milo 12"

GET IN HIS BELLY! Eccentric London-based producer Mr. Mitch goes way outside the box for his first release on America's most patriotic label Hot Mom USA. Here's the story: Gobstopper Records boss Mr. Mitch sends "On The Blob" to Hot Mom. Hot Mom freaks the f*%k out, and decides to do its first vinyl ever. Why? The tune is crazy original, fusing techno and grime sensibilities with chopped up vocals, sirens, and an unstoppable driving bassline. Next level techno grime right here. Seriously, hide your loved ones when "On The Blob" is driving through on his blue & yellow 4x4 sippin' Mega Drank.

For the B-Side "Milo," Mr. Mitch gets emotional, dropping an introspective melodic solo over a hypnotizing kick and sub. We can hear the piercing calls of a child as the tune progresses into a Timbaland-esque drum breakdown. Bring your tissues, 'cause this bad boy is bound to make you tear up and think about your baby mama's baby. Don't worry. We know you're not crying. It's just raining on your face. "Milo."

Release Date: 4.23.13 - MOM1208

Mr. Mitch - On The Blob.jpg