dungeons & dragons (prod. crnkn)

Out 10.27 for Stranger Things Season 2, baby

Get ready for Stranger Things Season 2 with Manus' "Dungeons & Dragons" (prod. CRNKN)!  Jam-packed with colorful, niche tabletop-gaming references and various "nerdswag" nods to Soul Caliber among other decidedly nerdy endeavors, Manus' latest single "Dungeons & Dragons" delivers on all levels. Hard-hitting drums, skittering hihats and ominous, hazy string plucks set the stage for Manus to take us on a quest through the moonlit fog to defeat the dungeon master with level 10-mage flows and trap-ready delivery...Leaving us wondering why this is the first time we've ever heard a slamming tabletop-gaming-centric hiphop/trap banger !  Manus seems to don the cape of Nerd King unchallenged, but we'll let you be the judge and take a listen for yourself while you binge on Stranger Things.

Release Date: 10.27.17 - MOM047

Manus - Dungeons & Dragons 1000.png