hulk hoganz

From Complex:
"It’s rare that multiple loves of mine are thrown into one pot. When I first got word from Shiftee that Hot Mom USA was putting out this dirty number from Sydney-based producer Juzlo, the title (and splendid artwork) had me open from jump. He told me it was a murderous grime banger, but I don’t think I was prepared for samples from Ultimate Warrior’s Wrestlemania VI promo. Warrior’s unique interview style was one of the things people loved about his character, and when he passed away earlier this year, my Facebook timeline blew up with nothing but promos from Warrior. Timeless insanity. Now we have a cut that captures some of that mania in a tune, throws some massive subs under it, and even sprinkles in some solid breakbeat work in there. This one will be on repeat for a bit."

Release Date: 8.5.14 - FREEMOM012 

Juzlo - Hulk Hoganz.jpg