freshers remixes

Freshers gets re-freshed! D-DOTs' stand-out EP receives the remix treatment from an international A-Team of global club music producers. Portugal to Los Angeles to Tokyo to the Bronx to London.

First up, Portugal's KKing Kong injects "Bam Bam ft. TT The Artist" with an infectious melody & bounce, while LA's Bianca Oblivion takes the track to DA CLUB. Tokyo man of mystery JEKA! JEKA! hypes "Swangin' Waist ft. Snappy Jit" to levels of chaotic big room madness, and the Bronx is in the building with Dos Flakos' moombah take on the same tune. Rounding out the package is London's Luru, who ups the energy with a driving remix of "Miss Thing ft. Kerwin Prescott".


Release Date: 8.18.17 - MOM041

freshers REMIXES_OK_4000x4000.jpg