cakes da killa

i run this club remixes

IS THIS REAL LIFE!? Cakes Da Killa AND Jamie Lidell AND Spank Rock AND Fat Tony AND Darq E Freaker AND curl up AND Siyoung. DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRO!? Cakes, Spank, Tony, & Si link for the official I Run This Club rap remix, og jamming together on a Bad Boy era-esque, soul-tinged BANGER. Rap song of the year? Jamie Lidell gets fonky on that new jack swing grime tip. curl up takes it to the club, but keeps it kute with a k. Finally Darq E Freaker gets all maniacal circus with a twisted take on Cakes' smash anthem. WE RUN THIS CLUB.

Release Date: 5.12.14 - MOM014