dfwm$ / divide

Auckland in the building! New Zealand’s BULLETPROOF hits these digital streets to bring you an international James Bond style release from HOT MOM USA. Always at the forefront of da bass (bassfront!), Bulletproof brings you not one, but TWO, massive tracks to bump like you just got hit in the head: DFWM$ & Divide.

This is the soundtrack for all of your money protection needs. Dropping your funds off with your Swiss accountant Leandro? Reach for the lush 160bpm "DFWM$" to let him know you appreciate him, not only as a professional, but as a man. Stashing your cash in a sock under your mattress? Play the dubsteppin' "Divide" at all times in your bedroom so suckas know they can't step to you while you sleep. For fans of famous tax evaders Wesley Snipes, Martha Stewart, Nicolas Cage, & Miss Lauryn Hill.


Release Date: 1.13.15 - FREEMOM015 

Bulletproof - DFWM$ : DIVIDE.jpg